Hearts in Black

from by DJ Darkside

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No more anticipation
Because I know what I am facing
So much times been wasted
With so much useless hatred
I can almost taste it
Change lanes quick
Traffics come to a stop
and I dont want to get off
This roller coaster
Got my hopes up
Barely coping
Going through my days
Walking a tight rope
Wrapped around my neck
with the belief that'll forget
Too much stress
Society Seems to have gotten to me
I once felt free but now Im me
Trapped in the system
No identity
Important people in my life have forgotten me
But not me you see
You are all apart of me
and you made me who I am
The man that stands
On his own to feet
With a life filled with goals to complete
Im a beast
With a meal on which I will feast
I rome the streets
A roag man with no plan
Other than to support the fam
Until the end I got your back
Backpack on
On a mission to be famous
Strangers once
But now best friends
Cant make rent
If I got the ends
I got you
One life to live
Might as well live true
If it was up to me I'd be you
And you'd be me
So we can see what its like
To leed someone elses life
Through their eyes
The thoughts in their minds
So powerful it can slow down time
Time and time again losin a friend
Holes and gaps made that you cant mend
Momenets of memories you can't forget
But down't sweat it
its how things happen to be
As the leaves fall from the tree
One day youll no longer breath
So live it up
And just dont give a fuck
Buy a bunch of weed and smoke that shit up
But just dont test your luck
Because one day it will run out
Like a drought when the clouds drew
So thirsty I started to spew
All over the crew
All over you too
But I really dont give a shit
Because I put it on YouTube
And now Im standing
Rockin crowds loud
Until i pass out

Hearts are cold
Hearts in black
and as a matter of fact
I can handle that

And as I grow older
My heart grows colder
My heart will always remain in black
And thats a matter of fact
because I work hard
and pay my taxes
day in and day out
But I come home
With nothing to show for it
Colder porrage
In the morning
Got me yawning
Lifes boring
And Im snoring at night time
while I write rhymes
In my minds eye
Im gunna keep tryin
Until the day that I die
Defy the laws of gravity
People try stabbing me
But it just bounces off my skin you see
Im like super man
Some crazy
Marvel comic
Exman super hero
Whats the deal yo
Everytime you come around
You aint got no indo
No smoke
No joke
Get the hell out
Before I start to wil' out
Like a rockwiller dog
with its jaws and its teeth out
Gnawing at your legs
So hard that you bounced out
And forgot what the robbery was all about
Because no doubt
Karma hunts you
And if karma wants you
Karma will seek out and found you
It just takes time foo
And every dog will have its day
As every day has its night
Get in a fist fight
because you know its right
right, right
Every story has an ending
And this one is mine

Hearts are cold
Hearts in black
and as a matter of fact
I can handle that

So I rap fast
and blast past the average man
Chop off his head
and Stuff it inside of a trash can
Cuz Ill be god damned
If this shit wasn't planned man
What the hell is happenin
Why am I even rapping
Why an I standing here
Why am I looking out of the window
Why is the sky blue and the grass green?
Wh am I mean
To my mom and dad
I dont know
Im just glad
that lifes working out
the way that it is
And I dont give a shit
Because the shit that I spit
Is never been write
Im legit on the microphone
I come from the dome
from the east to the west
never smokin that stress
Never hesitate
to get thebest greens
Inside on my body
Inside of my lungs
As I sit back
And blast into another universe
Before I see myself
put into a hurse
I will rehearse
All my verses
And spit that shit on a stage
with rage
But until then
Ill work until i get paid
So I can build my studio
and Chill in the shade
Have it made
get laid anytime I want
While im smoking and passing around a blunt
Always on the hunt
For the next dope sample
And this beats a sample
And for example
If you see waht I do
Youd know that I Do it
without even thinking
Without even blinking
vomiting in the sink from too much drinking
Now its affecting my health
So im gunna remain stealth
Under the radar
Smoke a cigar
with weed inside
and This is how I do it
While my thaughts collid
with my minds eye

Hearts are cold
Hearts in black
and as a matter of fact
I can handle that


from I am a Machine, released March 3, 2017
Produced by DJ Darkside


all rights reserved



DJ Darkside Leeds, UK

DJ and Producer working hard to bring the world a new sound without influence but inspiration. Been around the world, from Africa to the USA and now currently residing in the UK. Check out the projects here and spread the word if you like what you hear! ... more

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